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Product Overview

The Inventec D7032Q28B is a 100GbE spine switch suited for Datacenter applications as well as Enterprise and Service Provider network deployments. It is capable of line-rate L2/ L3 (3.2 Tbps) switching performance in a compact 1RU form factor. The D7032Q28B switch offers an option of either a 2.4GHz x86 Quad-Core or 1.5GHz PPC Quad-Core CPU and supports a total of 32 x 100GbE QSFP28 interfaces with a true PHY-less design. Redundancy features including high-availability features including hot-swappable (1+1) redundant PSUs and (N+1) fan trays are standard.

Support for Open Network Ecosystems

The Inventec D7032Q28B supports multiple Network Operating Systems (NOS) including: Inventec IN-OS and Pica8® PicOS®. The Inventec D7032Q28B is also OpenFlow and SDN enabled. Full ONIE support assures network operators that the Inventec D7032Q28B seamlessly integrates into today’s open network environments.

Feature-Richness, Performance, and Port Density

The Inventec D7032Q28B offers low cut-through mode latency, 16MB on-chip packet buffer memory, and dynamic buffer management. Dedicated unicast and multicast queues provide separate scheduling structures with support for applications such as IEEE 802.1Q, VxLAN, L2GRE, and NVGRE. Overall feature-richness, high-availability, performance, port-density, and line-rate switching capability make the D7032Q28B an excellent choice for next generation large and medium sized datacenters. This also makes the D7032Q28B well suited for use as a general purpose aggregation and core switch in Enterprise and Service Provider networks.

Product Highlights


• 2976M Packets per Second
• 3.2 Terabits per Second Throughput
• Line Rate L2/L3 Forwarding
• 16MB Packet Buffer
• 32x100G QSFP28


• 136K MAC Entries (HW Capable)
• 128K IPv4 Host Routes
• 72K IPv4 Routes
• 36K IPv6 Routes
• 64K Mroutes
• 32K IPv6 Mroutes
• 4K VLANs

High Availability

• 1 + 1 Hot-Swappable & Redundant Power Supply
• 2 x SPI Flash Supports Boot Recovery
• 3 + 1 Hot-Swappable & Redundant Fans
• 802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP
• 256 Ports/Channel
• 1024 Groups per System

Control Plane

• CPU Options
• 2.4 GHz x86 Quad-Core
• 1.5 GHz PPC Quad-Core
• 2x512MB SPI Boot Flash

Flexible Storage

• 1 x USB Port for External Storage

Software Support

• Inventec IN-OS,
• Pica8® PicOS®
• Open Source Software Provided as RPM
• Chef and Puppet Client Integration
• Bash Shell

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