Today, tremendous growth is seen in the data centers around the world. The rapidly increasing data traffic is fueling the continuous expansion of the global datacenter market. The next generation data center is evolving to meet the compute, storage and networking demands of tomorrow.

We are seeing that the next gen data centers will generate a lot more internal data. Approximately 80% of the overall traffic within the data center will be server to server; east-west traffic and the remaining 20% will be client to server; north-south traffic. This requires scalable infrastructure to support the huge bandwidth growth. But the exponential traffic growth should not translate into exponential Capex and Opex for the cloud provider, service provider and the customer. Cloud service providers and enterprises desire to use open platforms to meet unique business requirements and reduce the overall cost. On top of it, using open architecture also offers agility of deployment and programmability of the underlying hardware. Innovating on infrastructure demands flexibility and open architecture offers the flexibility of choice.

Inventec’s switches are open, scalable, agile, flexible, programmable, reliable, available, efficient and secure.

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